NMI Education titles will now be sold by her new partner, Horeb Solutions. The two companies have signed a partnership which permits Horeb Solutions to distribute NMI titles nationwide. 

This partnership, which was signed on July 6, 2020 after more than six months of negotiations, comes at a time when the rules governing the publishing sector in Cameroon stipulate that publishers should not be involved in the distribution of their books. 

This new regulation was communicated and is managed by the National Book Commission. As a law-abiding company, NMI Education is calling on booksellers to henceforth purchase her books from Horeb Solutions Sarl and other distribution partners of Horeb closest to their location. NMI Education is proud to say that she has remained faithful to her policy of ensuring that all her approved books are
available on the market in time. All our approved textbooks will be available in Horeb warehouses more than one month before school resumption.

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