Staff during first week of training

Some staff at NMI Education have fine-tuned their skills in Adobe InDesign, layout and page design software for books. The training was organised as a measure to sharpen their mastery of the software. Over a two-week period, the personnel were drilled on the different styles and techniques that can be used in making their work more resourceful and productive.

This refresher course is in synergy with one of the objectives of NMI, which is to deliver quality products to the education community. Using accurate examples, practical lessons, and tests, the facilitators, who are grounded professionals in the domain, conveyed their technical know-how to the participants. The staff has testified that this measure has gone a long way to improve their quality of work input.

Diane Fokam, Editorial Assistant explains how beneficial this training was, “It was an absolute necessity for me as a content editor. Of course, I already had a good base in InDesign, but I needed a refresher course to acquire some automated processes that still seemed complexed. This enriching training has reinforced my skills in InDesign and improved my mastery of the software.”

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