Some beneficiaries at “Lycee de Nkolbiyen”

NMI Education has awarded gifts to about to 30 schools in Yaoundé. The gifts, comprised of literature books and revision guides for examination classes, were given as a measure to encourage hard work and excellence in pupils and students. Both parents and students have lauded this gesture. The Delegate of Youth Affairs for the Mbankomo subdivision, Corine EKO asserted, “It is a beautiful and citizen-oriented gesture that came at the nick of time. To think of rewarding meritorious students in a zone like Mbankomo was a real pleasure to us.”

Gisele Ngadehi, Business Development Director explains the raison d’être of this gesture, “In order to achieve its mission as a responsible company, NMI encourages the best students each year, who have distinguished themselves during the year, by granting them prizes particularly, the distribution of its approved manuals and extracurricular resources to the most commendable”.

The promotion of quality education and the culture of reading have been, from its inception, one of the major missions of NMI Education. This is actively carried out through the publishing of excellent school textbooks for the primary and secondary levels and passively through accompanying schools in rewarding meritorious students.


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