NMI Education was established to:

We set out to:
    •   Promote education and provide opportunities for industrial training.
    •   Develop and promote a national publishing industry in Cameroon.
    •   Put in place a platform for writing and publishing quality books.
    •   Produce high quality books at affordable prices.
    •   Promote a reading culture in Cameroon.

NMI identified three main objectives as at creation:

    •   Produce high-quality books at affordable prices.
    •   Producing quality books and distribute them on the national territory and in the sub-region.
    •   Publishing books in various fields of literature.

Rights and permission

NMI Education has over 50,000 titles in print, many of which are available for licensing. Find out more about how to license our products on these pages.

 A rights license is needed if you want to reproduce an entire NMI Education Press work. Please go to the Rights pages if you wish to acquire the right to do any of the following:
    •   Reprint in English • Translate a work
    •   Create an audio or video version for broadcast
    •   Create an electronic reproduction

  Permissions Licenses

 A permissions license is needed if you wish to reproduce an extract from a NMI Education work. Please contact us directly if you want to do the following ;
   •   Reproduce or translate single chapters, journal articles, text extracts, figures from NMI Education copyright works
   •   Reproduce or translate audio extracts in printed, recorded or electronic format
   •   Request networking, educational photocopying and performances of Cambridge University Press material
   •   Reproduce an NMI Education work for the reading impaired

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    Biyem Assi Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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  • P.O Box: 31267 Yaoundé-Cameroon

  • frontdesk@nmieducation.org

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