Everyday Book

This exciting collection has been specially developed for english-speaking primary schools in Cameroon. Written by Cameroonian teachers and educationalists, it follows the new six-year syllabus focusing on the seven

critical areas for Mathematics, namely:

Sets and logic
- Number and numeration
- Basic number operation
- Measurement
- Geometry
- Graphing and statistics
- Problem solving.

Key features of the Pupil’s Book:
- The objectives and prerequisite knowledge and skills are placed at the begining of each lesson.
- Lessons start with a stimulus - a picture relating mathematics to the pupil’s environment, followed by a task - questions aimed at developing logical reasoning and helping pupils to think creatively and to solve problems.
- Practice exercises reinforce the knowledge and skills, especially problemsolving skills, that were acquired through the stimulus and task.
- At the end of each of the six sequences, evaluation activities consolidate what has been learned in the sequence and integration activities integrate all the mathematics content and skills in a variety of exercises.
The Workbook provides extra exercises to practise and develop concepts further. The Teacher’s Guide supports the teacher with lesson planning and creative teaching ideas.

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