Cambridge Primary English

Welcome to “Cambridge Primary English” ; a brand-new English course for Anglophone schools in Cameroon.
This course has been carefully planned to cover the content of the National Curriculum; and the work schemes that are being used in schools in the Anglophone regions. The contributors and reviewers of Cambridge Primary English are teachers and teacher-trainers who are experts in their fields.
Special features of this course include :
- Six sequences of work that cover the core competencies foe English for the year
- Six theme-based units of study in each Sequence
- Full coverage of the main language competencies–Speaking, Reading, Language use in context and Writing
- A special focus on Sound and Word building at the beginning of each unit
- Real, relevant comprehension texts written by local authors, and authentic extracts from Cameroonian newspapers and websites
- Integration exercises at the end of each sequence, and Evaluation at the end of the year
- A strong cross-curricular element – pupils are exposed to texts about health, geography, human rights, and our national heritage, and so they develop a competent extended vocabulary which will help them in the wider world
- Beautiful pictures and photographs, which bring Cameroon, its people, and its heritage to life for the pupils.
“Cambridge Primary” English will make pupils competent speakers, readers and writers of English who will ‘learn how to learn; learn how to act and learn how to live’.

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