High school teacher in various secondary and high schools, author in “Excellence en Français”.

I am an expert in training and research pedagogy (especially with respect to the French language). Though I have been a teacher for many years, I have been writing school books for over 6 years now. 

I have been working with NMI for those 6 years and I can attest that NMI is a unique publishing company in Cameroon

NMI is an elitist publishing company. When I was contacted as Project Manager for the writing of French textbooks (1st cycle French sub-system), I was privilege to benefit from quality coaching and follow-up with my team and the other teams I had to work with. The emphasis laid on the quality of the work, the respect of the deadlines and the consultation of external experts for the evaluation of the work done contributed to the improvement of the various tasks carried out.  I have successfully written 6 books and two revision guides.

Concerning authors’ rights, I am pleased to say that the contracts signed with the house have been respected and we regularly collect these fees on the dates indicated.

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