Welcome to NMI Education, the publisher of choice. You will be impressed that you visited us.

I suppose that you are here because you need something we offer. We publish authors in Cameroon and Africa and equally promote local authors especially those involved in the educational domain. Whether you are a learner, parent, teacher, education administrator or bookseller, you are here because you are interested in quality education.

NMI Education is a choice you won’t regret if you looking for quality books, quality services and reliable business relationship. When it comes to making choices, people’s minds become as crowded as the offers/options available from which they have to choose are multiple. But good choosers consider first the outcome of the choice they are about to make. The guiding question to getting it right is “what is the consequence of the choice I am about to make?”

If words like “professional”, “reliable”, “available”, “affordable”, “supportive” and “visionary” feature on your choice-making checklist, then you got it with NMI Education.

By choice, we are open to criticisms because they help us work harder to meet your expectations.

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Thank you.

Rogers Nforgwei CEO/Chairman


NMI EDUCATION is a bilingual publishing house based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Created at the beginning to represent CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS and to act as a distributor of its products, it has specialized since 2005 in the production of school textbooks and over time in general literature. Thanks to its dynamism and professionalism, NMI EDUCATION counts more than 300 titles in its catalog, comprised of school textbooks and extra-curricular books. Most of these books are always selected to be included in the primary and secondary school curricula in both the French and English sub-systems of education every school year. Every day, NMI EDUCATION continuously works to improve the quality of its contents in order to offer Cameroonian and African learners quality textbooks that meet the requirements of the curricula in use. 

NMI Education, in its vision of being a futuristic publisher, also operates in some countries of the Central African, West African and East African sub-regions. To date, NMI EDUCATION has its books enrolled in school curricula in Chad, Senegal and Rwanda. It continues its quest towards other African countries.

Our objectives

The objectives of NMI Education since its creation has been :

  •  to promote education and to serve as a transmission belt for the training of learners through the publishing of quality textbooks and extra-curricular activities;
  • to promote and popularize local publishing in Cameroon;
  • to set up a real platform for the writing of school textbooks;
  • to produce quality books at affordable prices;
  • promote the culture of reading in Cameroon.


The afore mentioned objectives above are aimed at achieving the main missions of NMI Education which are :

  • to promote quality education;
  • to strengthen the culture of reading;
  • to strengthen the capacity of local authors for local publishing using international standards. (more than 150 authors in NMI Education);
  • to develop quality local publishing in Cameroon and in the sub-region;
  • offer quality textbooks at a competitive price to facilitate access to textbooks for all learners.


NMI Education provides a wide range of services including :

  • Publishing
  • Consultation
  • Communication
  • Marketing